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How to Archive your mailbox with outlook 2010

Below is the steps to archive the mailbox, please do the housekeeping to avoid mailbox full.

  1. File -> Mailbox Cleanup -> Archive
  2. Click on "INBOX" of your email account.
  3. Browse to select location to store the archive file. e.g. C:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook\archive.pst
  4. Click OK to proceed.


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Open Cash Drawer with ttyUSB under Linux

Recently involve in POS System, and I facing a problem that client don't buy receipt printer, without receipt printer the cash drawer won't open.

I found an solution, is Cash Drawer trigger DT-100U, this device will kick open any standard cash drawer protocol, below is how I integrate the solution to opensouce pos.

The trigger device will kick when receive ANY message from USB port, exe the cmd below 1 by 1, you will have your cash drawer open.

# sudo chmod 777 /dev/ttyUSB0

pls note that not always is ttyUSB0, is can be ttyUSB1 or 2 3 ....

# echo -en '1' > /dev/ttyUSB0

your cash drawer should opened now......